TOMAS supports the following functions in maintenance management:

Effects that could be achieved:

Full control of maintenance bills of materials, register of materials and spare parts, standardization and unification of materials and spare parts.

Full control of technical documentation, classification and standardization of documentation..

Improved maintenance planning - exact plans of work to do, materials and spare parts. Also, insight into status of plans, vendor orders and work orders.

Improved preparations for maintenance - work orders release is sinchronized with availability of materials and spare parts, material lists and work lists are automaticaly generated etc.

Improved maintenance capacities usage thru better planning, capacity usage control and work effects control.

Decreased maintenance costs thru lowered inventory level for materials and spare parts and maintenance cost analysis.

Improved maintenance of equipment thru preventive measuring of characteristics and analysis of disreapances with standards, defects control, efficient documentation management and better maintenance planning.

Significant decrease of administrative work and in the same time increased timeliness and correctnes - work orders, material and work lists are automaticaly generated, various reports and analyis as well.

In short, TOMAS enables more efficient and higher quality maintenance, with reduced costs.