Inventory management is important because:

Hence, there are two conflicting requirements. Optimal inventory management policy is the one that makes compromise to satisfy both requirements, with the least total costs, consisting out of: TOMAS offers various possibilities: Follows the short description of what TOMAS offers in this area.


Planning of sales, production, maintenance and purchasing - enables finding dynamics of inventory requirements.

Inventory policy simulations - various hypothetical ordering policies could be simulated and choosen the most adequte one. This is done by so called Monte Carlo stochastic simulation method. The user gives the data on expected demand quantities, ordering costs and delays and TOMAS delivers data on the structure of costs for simulated policy.

Automatic determination of ordering policies, based on actual consumption in previous period and estimation of delivery time for ordered items.


Automatic ordering- check of each item of inventories is done daily and, where necessary, TOMAS generates purchasing order or work order, for appropriate quantity.

Inventory item display on the screen:

These data are displayed each time one enters purchasing or sales order or production work order or just checks inventory status, i.e. each time when ordering action might be initiated.

Analysis of inventory transactions and state:

These options enable the user of TOMAS: