Intelligence built into TOMAS is one of its major characteristics and one of unique advantages, that make TOMAS superior to all other systems on the market.

On the intelligence of information systems
Intelligence is defined as capability to solve problems. For decades, there are intelligent computer systems for various purposes - medical diagnostic, chess playing etc.

TOMAS is a single intelligent business management information system on the market. Even in theory, there are no widely accepted categories, concepts etc. Therefore, we have developed our own approach to intelligence in business management systems. Short description of this approach follows.

Intelligence in business management information systems is ability:

The purpose of business information systems is:

For the support of work processes, intelligence of information system is needed: For business management support, intelligence of information system is needed: For these requirements, two types of information system intelligence are needed: INTERNAL INTELLIGENCE
Internal intelligence in TOMAS consists out of a number of advanced algorithms to solve various complex business problems, such as: EXTERNAL INTELLIGENCE
External intelligence could be stored in TOMAS in following ways: All these properties make TOMAS: