One of characteristics of TOMAS is its very powerful options, with many features. The reason for such a system design is: TOMAS as a whole has vast capabilities, that are packed into relatively small nr. of options, so that the system is easy to grasp.

The design of TOMAS is done in the following way:

     - Structure of subsystems is carefully designed, to be logical and easy to grasp. Each subsystem has one single screen with options, so that each subsystem is easy to grasp, too. That was possible only with small nr/ of options in each subsystems.

     - In options, it is offered a lot of modalities of usage.

This approach resulted with:

This is achieved in two ways:
These capabilities are offered in such a way, so that in the last line of the screen are offered options that might be used in that moment.
  • Options for report generation create vast information space for getting information.
  • The number of variations could be very large - several billions per option. That number is dependent on factorial of the nr. of parameters that the user can choose, and that goes up to 30 - 40.