TOMES is clearly the best information system on the market. This statement is not just a marketing gimmick, we can prove it.


COMPREHESIVNESS - there is no other system on the market that integrally covers all relevant business functions and has any of the advanced features such as: intelligent financial system, optimization of production program, group technology, network planning, analysis of dynamic properties of the firm etc.

INTEGRITY - TOMES is genuinely integral system, not a set of partial solutions connected with file transfers. All the data are entered just once and there are no rewriting the data from one module to another, i.e. there is no duplicated data, that is so common to all other systems on the market.

MANAGEMENT ORIENTED - supports managers, not only administrative functions. Also, ensures automatic control of material, work and money flow, e.g. purchasing orders and work orders. Hence, not only supports management functions, but executes some of them, as well.

PERFORMANCE - uses exceptionally few computer and communication resources and operates far faster than any other system.

EASE OF USE AND IMPLEMENTATION - user training for any of the business functions takes just one day, and most operations are automated.

TOTAL COSTS - per work station or transaction are tens times lower then with well established systems on the market.



technological: That is the reason we say: TOMES is second to none in the world market.